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 Profil de sortie de la 4éme A.M

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كاتب الموضوعرسالة
المدير العام
المدير العام

عدد المساهمات : 674
نقاط : 1977
تاريخ التسجيل : 15/01/2010
العمر : 30
الموقع : adrar

مُساهمةموضوع: Profil de sortie de la 4éme A.M   الأربعاء 17 فبراير - 16:08

Profil de sortie de la 4éme A.M

Le cycle moyen est
sanctionné par un examen écrit :Le Brevet de l’Enseignement Moyen ou
B.E.M .

Compétences ciblées : Il s’agit d’évaluer la capacité du
candidat à résoudre des

situations problème en utilisant des
stratégies appropriées ,tout en faisant preuve de créativité.

épreuve du B.E.M étant écrite ,il sera possible d’évaluer surtout les
compétences 2 et 3,

à savoir : - interpréter des documents
authentiques .

- produire des messages écrits.

L’aspect oral de la langue anglaise ne pourra être évalué qu’à travers
des activités testant les connaissances du candidat dans le domaine des
sons : voyelles ,diphtongues, consonnes , lettres muettes, terminaisons
des mots, et paires minimales.

*. Durée de l’Epreuve : 1
heure 30 minutes

*. Coefficient :2


L’épreuve d’évaluation comporte un texte dont
la longueur ne doit pas dépasser 15 lignes ( entre 12 et 15) suivi de 2
sections qui permettent d’évaluer :
apprentissages en termes de ressources :- compréhension du texte et
lexique. l
-fonctionnement de la langue

- les capacités de ré-investissement des ressources
(situation d’intégration))

* SUPPORT ( Input ) : Le support peut
être :
- un texte (narratif, expositif/descriptif)
-une lettre de
type formel ou informel
-un dialogue
-une notice explicative
-une annonce publicitaire
-un article de journal.

SECTION UNE : Evaluation des apprentissages en terme de ressources .(
14 points)

A) Compréhension du texte et lexique (07 pts)
partie comporte deux activités de compréhension (5pts) et une à
activités portant sur le lexique (2 pts)

Fonctionnement de la langue : (07 pts) : 3 options :

Option 1
*)une activité portant sur la morphologie ou les
mécanismes ( 4 items).Notée sur 2 points.
*)une activité
portant sur la syntaxe (3 à 6 items selon le type d’activités).Notée
sur 3pts .
*) une activité portant sur la prononciation ( 4
items).Notée sur 2 points.

Option 2 :
*) une activité
portant sur la morphologie ou les mécanismes ( 3 items) :Notée sur 1,5
*) 2 activités portant sur la syntaxe (4 items pour
chaque activité ).Notée sur 2pts.
*) Une activité portant sur
la prononciation ( 3items ).Notée sur 1,5 pts.

Option 3 :

*)une activité portant sur les mécanismes ( 2 items).Notée sur 1
*) une activité portant sur la morphologie ( 3 items)
.Notée sur 1,5 pts.
*) une activité portant sur la syntaxe (
3à 6 items selon le type d’activité).Notée sur 3 pts.
*) une
activité portant sur la prononciation ( 3 items). Notée sur 1,5 pts.

DEUX :Capacité de ré-investissement des ressources : situation
d’intégration 06 pts

Dans cette section le candidat
est appelé à mobiliser ses ressources linguistiques , méthodologiques
et socio-culturelles afin de répondre à une situation problème . Le
thème de cette situation doit être en adéquation avec celui du support (
input). En principe, le candidat a été suffisamment préparé ,
orienté et guidé à travers la section 1 pour ce type d’activité.


A : Comprehension of the text
less demanding / less complex activities:
- true-false statement
with justification( correct the wrong statement)
- item listing ( in
the form of table filling, enumerating, classifying, categorising etc)
yes/no questions
- wh questions (reference or inference)
multiple choice questions( 3 items and 1 correct answer))
information transfer: from verbal to non-verbal

ii- more
demanding / complex activities:
- identify text type : letter (formal
or informal), dialogue, newspaper article, etc)
- identify linking
words and say what they refer to in the text
- similarities and
differences between two entities
- select the topic sentence or the
main idea(s) from a list of sentences
- match headings with
- select a suitable title (from a list of options)

- complete a gapped sentence with 1 vocabulary item out
of 4 provided in a list
- cloze passage with 4 gaps to be filled
with vocabulary items from the text (input)
- match synonyms,
antonyms and definitions with words in the text
- word association
technique: read and pick out words related to specific topics( for eg:
honesty, violence, etc)

C: Mastery of Language: grammar,
spelling and pronunciation
- gap filling with function words,
correct verb forms, etc selected from a list of options (in a sentence)
word order in questions and statements (simple and complex sentences)
tense agreement supplying the correct tense of verbs in brackets (in a
- transformation: active- passive, present- future, past-
present, 3rd pers sing- 3rd pers plural, etc
- editing : correcting
mistakes , providing punctuation, etc
- completing sentences (
creative expansion to prepare for written expression)
- combining
sentences (using provided linking words or connectors)
- building
words (nouns, verbs, adjectives etc) with affixes, more, less ,etc
pronunciation activities: -classify words that rhyme, that have the
same ending(eg: s=s/z/iz ) or that contain the same sound

-identify the silent letter(s) in words
(provided in text or in a list)

-identify minimal pairs in text or in list supplied

of integration (Activities of integration):

The above activities
should help the student to capitalize on his own resources ( knowledge
and know-hows) and lead him to produce a written output ( The piece of
writing should be related to the input):
- writing a letter:
informal(to a penfriend, a relative, etc) or formal( to a teacher,
headmaster, etc)
- writing a short guide ( for inviting tourists to
visit the country, for patients and visitors to a hospital, for school
pupils, for visitors to a museum, etc), using dos and don’ts,
imperatives, passives, advising, arguing for or against, etc
writing a report about an event :personal(birthday party, etc) or not (
an accident, a national/international happening, etc)

Sample of the BEM Paper

There are
so many cars on the roads nowadays that driving in big towns is not
pleasant at all.
Some time ago, a friend who works in a part of
the city I do not know very well invited me. It took me hours to get
there and find a place to park. As I was late, I hurried off on foot,
thinking that these days it is much easier to walk than to drive. At
noon, just as I was leaving my friend’s office, I suddenly realised that
I has no idea where I had parked my car. I walked down street after
street, examining each car closely but without any result. Feeling quite
tired, I gave up the search and went off for lunch. Some time later, I
left the restaurant and walked slowly down the street. I turned the
corner, and there was my car, right in front of me but on the window was
a little ticket. It was a fine for bad parking.
Next time I visit
my friend, I’ll take a taxi.

From “Pass your Exam” by A.

Soche Press

Part One

Section One : Reading Comprehension

Activity one : What do the underlined words refer to in
the text (1pt)


Activity two : Copy the table on your answer sheet and
match one question in column (A) with one answer in column (B) (4pts)

When did he
stop looking for his car? In his friend’s office.
Where was the
writer just before noon? There are too many cars.
Why did he intend
to go by taxi next time? There is a serious parking problem.
Why did
it take him a long time to park his car? At lunch time.

three :Lexis (2pts)

The following words or sentences appear in
the text. Of the four explanations suggested, only one is correct in the
context. Copy it down on your answer sheet.

1- I gave up the
a) I continued to search.
b) I was
successful in my search.
c) I stopped the
2- A fine.
a) a penalty.
b) an invitation.
c) an advert.

Section Two : Mastery of Language (7pts)

one : (2pts) Write one word which can be derived from :
1- friend.
3- examine
4- search

Activity two : Copy the table
on your answer sheet. Classify the following words according to the
number of their syllables. (2pts)

pleasant - suddenly - quite - tired

One syllable Two syllables Three syllables

three : Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets (3pts)

As soon as I (read) the ticket, I (drive) to the police station.
While I (talk ) to the policeman, an old

1 2
friend of mine (enter).I asked him :” what
(do) you here?” He answered :”somebody (steal) my car! “

4 5

1- / 2- / 3- / 4- / 5-
/ 6-

PART TWO ( 6pts)

Your neighbour / friend lost his car. Write a composition of about
six to ten lines saying what happened.
Here are a few hints to help
you :

- describe the car.
- Where did s/he go for help?
Did he finally find his/her car? How?
- What was his /her

(n° 2)

Millions Watch them

The first soap operas appeared on the radio in the USA, seventy years
ago. They were stories about families living in small towns somewhere
in America. There was a new episode every day. At the beginning and the
end of each episode there were advertisements for soap powder because it
was women who listened to these programmes, and it was women who bought
soap powder .That’s why they were called soap operas.
television started,film producers started to make television soaps, too.
One of the most famous was “Dallas”. Soap operas quickly became the
most popular programmes on TV, and the British loved them as much as the
Americans. “Coronation Street is a British TV soap which started in
1960. It is still running now, after more than three thousand episodes.
Eighteen million people watched it every week, and half of them were not
born when it started!

PART ONE (14pts)

Section One : Reading Comprehension (7pts)

one : Select the suitable title for each paragraph and write it on your
answer sheet

Operas / radio soap operas / TV
soap operas
First paragraph : …………..

Second paragraph : ……………

Activity two : Read the text and
answer the following questions

1- Where did the first soap operas
2- Why were they called soap operas
3- How long
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